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Healthy Tips to Increase Your Immune System in Balance

immunity system

Let’s talk about immune system today. Have you ever wondered why some people can be affected by a disease or virus but some people cannot? have you ever wondered why people recover from sickness at a different pace? The immune system of a body is the defense system or protection system that a body posses to prevent it from being attacked by various threats such as, viruses, parasites, and bacteria. It is simply the process of a body to be resistant to harmful substances.

immunity system

The immune system of a body can be divided into two forms which are innate immunity and adaptive immunity. 

The Innate immunity is sometimes regarded as the natural immunity, this kind of immunity is one that we are all born with, it helps to protect our body from harmful pathogens. The innate immunity is the first line of defense of the body against pathogens, it rapidly fights any foreign invader, although it has a low potency when compared to adaptive immunity, but once activated to fight a specific antigen, the immunity will be there for life.

Adaptive immunity is a created response to an attack from harmful invaders, it always very specific in action i.e it comes to attack a specific pathogen. The span of the immunity of the body to a pathogen after adaptive immunity has been activated is not constant, it can take a long time or a short time. There are two ways of acquiring adaptive immunity which are natural means and artificial means. Natural means is when the body automatically develops a response to a pathogen while artificial means refer to when it is injected externally into the body such as immunization.

immunity system

The immunity level of a body increases and decreases based on several human activities. The few ways humans can increase their immunity level to make them safe from pathogens are explained below. 

Eat healthy food (vegetables)

There are several nutrients the body derives from food, especially vegetables, fruits, and herbs. These food are rich in nutrients that will give the body an advantage against harmful pathogens. According to medical research, the food listed above contains antivirus and anti microbes that help the body to fight infection. 

Sleep well (rest well and avoid stress)

It is always very nice to create a great attitude towards sleep, there is no specific advantage for not having enough sleep, it would rather cause a system breakdown. The body automatically regenerates during sleep making adequate sleep a necessity for a healthy immune system. Always try to maintain a minimum of seven hours of sleep daily.

Exercise for better immune system

Tedious exercise is not always advisable, try and maintain a moderate non-tedious exercise such as cycling, jogging, walking, and sleeping. Regular exercise prevents the body from diseases like heart disease and obesity. Exercise make it easy for the body to handle stress to avoid a system breakdown. Stress negatively affects the immune system, exercise can in a way improve the immune system since it can reduce stress.

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Keep chronic disease under control

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and HIV. HIV which causes AIDS gradually destroys the white blood cells which in turn weakens the immune system. It is logical to keep such disease in check since it is a threat to the immune system. Constant checking up and correct use of prescription can help to maintain this kind of condition.

Stay hydrated for immune system

Hydration of the body is usually overlooked by a lot of people, taking enough water to keep the body hydrated regularly helps to keep the immunity of the body up. A hydrated body will naturally remove harmful toxins and bacteria that can cause illness.

Adequate consumption of Supplement

Supplements are generally believed to strengthen the body’s immune system. Vitamin C, vitamin D, Eucalyptus, zinc, and garlic are examples of supplements, these supplements have been researched and accepted to prevent the body from various infection which increases immunity.

Increasing the body’s immunity comes in one of the simplest forms which could require just a lifestyle adjustment and dietary change.

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