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Best tips: how to choose right partner for marriage?
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Best Tips: How To Choose Right Partner For Marriage?

In a matter as intricate as an arranged marriage, one has to take time out to ensure that one is choosing the right life partner. This, nevertheless, may turn out to be a daunting task at times. So, how to choose right partner for marriage?

If consider the deeper aspect of the matter, we come to realize that getting married always has to be a well-thought-over decision. It is never easy to be sure, even if the couple is in love.

In one’s life partner, one seeks similar values that one was bought up with. Compatibility and trust are also in the spotlight, while one also intends that one’s life partner has similar life goals as oneself.

Ultimately, when the levels of mutual respect are high, the couple will be willing to overlook each other’s flaws. They become more compatible.

However, when we consider the case of arranged marriage, these metrics become difficult to achieve because we do not know the partner well. People do get to know each other a little bit before getting married in the arranged marriage arrangement. But, the time window for getting to know each other is limited. So, getting to know your partner in this limited phase of time is not easy. One keeps wondering how to choose right partner for marriage.

So, how does one get to know his life partner?

Across innumerable places in the world, arranged marriages are nothing short of a cultural norm. Herein, in most cases, it is the matchmakers or family members of the couple that is going to get married will find a suitable life partner for them. Unconventionality is the first thing that we can think of when marriages are finalized this way. But still, the hard-to-deny fact is that the success rate of arranged marriages is reasonably high. One still has to take time out to make the right decision.

Tips to center down upon the right life partner in an arranged marriage

1.      Be sure about yourself

It will help if you have a clear understanding of your goals and values in life. This will help define the expectations that you have from your life partner. You come across someone compatible with your sensibilities and with similar aspirations in life.

2.      Communication

When initial meetings with your potential life partner happen, keep a tab on the degrees of ease of communication. If you are comfortable expressing yourself, there is little that can go wrong. Not just in marriage, communication holds the key to all successful relationships. But, in an arranged marriage, where the angle of a romantic relationship is null or negligible, communication becomes even more important. You should be both in a position to respectfully discuss different topics, openly.

3.      The character takes priority over appearance

Physical attraction has to be there in a marriage. But, one also has to look beyond the physical traits and bring the focus towards the traits of character, which include kindness, respect, and honesty.

4.      Common values and interests

When you have common hobbies and interests, you will be able to bond better and your relationship will be more fulfilling. So, take time out to hold a discussion over shared values towards the initial stage of your relationships. This averts potential conflicts in the future.

It becomes important to learn more about your partner’s cultural background, family traditions, and religious beliefs before getting married. When you understand the dynamics of their family, you will understand the degree of compatibility that you enjoy.

5.      Life goals

Before tying the knot, a discussion over life goals becomes a must. If you understand your partners’ ambitions in life early on, you can gauge how well you align with these goals. For stability and harmony in life, find a partner with whom you share the aspirations and goals in life.

6.      Take your own time

Rushing into a decision is not advisable. Take time out to know your life partner and be patient in the bid. A single meeting may not suffice. Instead, hold multiple meetings so that you can rationally evaluate how suitable and compatible your relationship is.


Introspection and patience are the keys when wondering how to choose right partner for marriage. A phase should be organized for the couple to get to know each other better. In this phase, one should ask questions that help one get a better understanding of the interests and personality of the potential life partner, alongside his/her goals and hobbies. Involving family members is your choice if you feel that they are delighted to help and supportive.

But, one also has to set boundaries. When you choose wisely, you’ll lead a fulfilling and happy life in each other’s company.

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