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What is GBWhatsapp? Know Its Features And Downloading Steps

What is GBWhatsapp? Know Its Features And Downloading Steps

GBWhatsapp application, settings features

Whatsapp is the most preferred and widely used messaging application. It has undoubtedly transformed the way mobile gadgets have been employed for advertising. This can be used by wide range of peoples. This instant messaging application used for sending one on one and group messages to your contacts; it also had made your communication simple and compact. Here we will describe the new GBWhatsapp application, settings features like how you can download it and take benefits of its new features.

Whatsapp is an instant messaging application, which allows you to send and receive messages without any SMS charge. You can create groups; send each other unlimited images, videos, and audio clips, etc.

GBWhatsapp application, settings and features

What is GBWhatsapp? Know Its Features And Downloading Steps


After getting our smartphone, the first action is to install the app Whatsapp. Whatsapp is one of the most popular applications used by more than 100 million users worldwide. Some of us don’t know what is GBWhatsapp?

This is the latest version of MOD Whatsapp, which offers a wide range of extra features and modifications than the old version.  Once you get this GBWhatsApp for iPhone on your mobile, then you can access a lot of cool features like online picture, video status, privacy for your videos, new Emojis, etc.

How it Works

Look of the GBWhatsapp app is similar to usual Whatsapp application when you click menu option on the upper right of this application, you will get GBwhatsup app downloading apk settings in the menu bar. The GB settings option consist of a list of features like theme settings, status privacy, chatting in offline mode etc.

Installation Guide

To get the latest version of GBWhatsapp application, here are the guidelines:

  • First, click on settings in your application and go to security option, then click unknown sources and enable it
  • After enabling the unknown source install the application.
  • It will open, open the application and enter your 10digit mobile number
  • GBWhatsapp 6.0 download sends a verification code via OTP to your mobile number, it will verify automatically.
GBWhatsapp application, settings and features

What is GBWhatsapp? Know Its Features And Downloading Steps


         There are many features included in the GBWhatsapp features. It offers you a load of GBWhatsapp application, settings features and better UI experience for the users.

  • The main feature in this GBWhatsapp is ‘lock’ option. Lock feature provides you to lock your app from the third party
  • Privacy option: you can add dual Whatsapp accounts
  • Auto-reply feature: here you can set auto-reply to send it to your contacts automatically when you are not available.
  • You can play Whatsapp videos with your favorite music players
  • Here you can hide your online status for particular contacts. And also hide you are last seen, blue ticks, second tick and typing a message.
  • You can make calls with unknown numbers
  • default blue User interface
  • Disable calls for specific contacts
  • It supports 90+ languages


  • Message Scheduler Feature:

  • you can schedule your friend’s birthday or any other party’s remainder here.
  • Added payment option: you can pay for your friends or anyone from GBWhatsapp feature.
  • Over 100+ images you can send via the application at the same time
  • Here you can enable DO NOT DISTURB mode also.
  • You can hide your last seen
  • Additional Emojis
  • At the same time, you can send nearly 100+ documents instead of 30
  • Anti -revoke- your messages.
  • Custom theme designs
  • When we click on theme option, we can get n numbers of theme options the only thing we need to do, with is to apply the theme. By click, the option ‘apply’ the theme can be enabled automatically.
  • Here you can increase your group name up to 35-40 characters.
  • You can press the link, without saving admin contact number on Whatsapp group.
  • You can copy the selected text of Whatsapp
  • Long press camera button to send high-quality images an videos
  • You have the option to set your name in core screen.
  • Also, change your notification icon as well as the application icon.
GBWhatsapp application, settings and features

What is GBWhatsapp? Know Its Features And Downloading Steps

How to Set a Password in GBWhatsapp

Setting a password for your Whatsapp is more important; with the help of this feature, you can protect your private chats from others.

  • Open GBWhatspp, press menu option, then go for GBwhatsup settings
  • Scroll down for lock option
  • Click on enable passcode and enter your 4-digit password

How to Hide Online Status, Blue Tick, and Second Tick Option

If you are a person, using your Whatsapp application too much, and your status shows online all times, it will create an issue for you. So here you can easily hide your online status

  • Go to GBWhatsapp
  • Click on privacy options
  • Now click hide online status.
GBWhatsapp application, settings and features

What is GBWhatsapp? Know Its Features And Downloading Steps

The GBWhatsapp application is designed so as to operate on all mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. This may also help for organizations, to create an employee data and employee information, etc. the success of GBWhatsapp depends a lot on the UI/UX designs of the application. It can also use for corporates to address communication and information sharing.

Meta description-

Just one clicks; download GBWhatsapp application, settings features and enjoy the conversation with your loved ones!!!

Happy chatting!!!

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