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Episode of Game of Thrones Leaks on Internet Due to Hacking

Episode of Game of Thrones Leaks on The Internet Due to Hacking

Game of Thrones Leaks on Internet

Truly speaking, online piracy is a cyber crime and people must not deny its impact on them. Even cyber warfare involves advanced nations like Russia and America for information stealing from official servers. Same thing seems to have retrieved once again when screenshots of the 4th slot of 7 seasons packed Game of Thrones Leaks on the Internet in advance. HBO spokesperson has admitted this crime, which proves the inability of proper data safety of the internal administration of the television channel.

Game of Thrones Leaks on Internet

Game of Thrones Leaks on the Internet

Information Hacking-4th Slot Hit Internet Before Being Aired on HBO and Hotstar In India

Professional hackers planned to collect materials of4th Game of Thrones Episode surreptitiously from HBO main server to make it aired on few sites. HBO authority did not track their activities. Game of Thrones episodes is being telecast on USA and Indian channels. On 6th August, this serial was supposed to hit American commercial television channels for public entertainment.On the 7th instant.  Same slots will be given to selected commercial television networks based in India.

However, many guys had the chance to watch Game of Thrones Story of the4th episode of this television serial on online streaming without any subscription fees.Information leakage incidents are not rare in America. If memories of people are sharp, they must recollect the event of blackberry scandal of Hillary Clinton before GOP election in the USA. However, wicked pirates are active to share data and valuable classified materials violating media rules.

Game Of Thrones On Hotstar

HBO officials have announced that investigation will take place to identify those who have spoiled the game. And goodwill of this world famous American classic entertainment-television channel. Star India authority has divulged at a press conference that this unlawful pilferage should be tackled with boldness. Hackers use smart and highly powerful system decoders to jail break the servers to have bundles of precious confidential documents to take numerous advantages. Investigators will launch an effective fact-finding mission to surface the root sources of hacking.

It is a menace. Certainly, HBO and Indian commercial channels have to install upgraded surveillance equipment. Or artificial intelligence tool kits to monitor the unwanted elements in this connection. Delegates of Hotstar and Star World in India are eager to have quick results to trace the culprits. On the other hand, quick release of reports from NDTV Gadgets dashboard online restates that early exhibition of 4th episode of Game of Thrones on Reddit. Which is not remarkable due to the substandard quality of the picture.Voice is also distorted sometimes. For this reason, viewers don’t be tempted easily to log in for seeing this episode on their smart-devices with Internet. New laws must be enforced to reduce the fraudulence online.

Game of Thrones Leaks on Internet

Game of Thrones Leaks on the Internet

HBO has not faced such unfair deal. In past, intellectual properties from the official inventory were exported stealthily. Game of Thrones Leaks on Internet so Investigators need to relocate the nexus of hackers with his wrong doing. Interest will go down in case television viewers get scripts beforehand. The adventure will lose owing to the practice of hacking. That’s why; HBO must employ more talented programmers, tech consultants and software application experts to reinforce its multifunctional servers.


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