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Female Employment in India | Why Only Indian Women Quit Jobs?
Women Empowerment

Why Only Indian Women Have To Quit Jobs?

Female Employment in India

Women are found taking early retirement from the professional career to go back. In this year, CMIE/Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy has declared that men are getting more opportunities in workstations comparing to women.However, Female Employment in India is seen showcasing passive attitude to go to offices for earning money.


Female Employment in India

Female Employment in India

Female Employment in India Found Reluctant to Find Jobs –Find Causes

When the market is expanding rapidly with superb economic growth, women are not seen responding fast to join corporate sectors for the improvement of their financial condition. Experts try to evaluate the causes of the decrease in the number of female employees. Indian Female Workers and employees have to work hard. In factories, shops, offices, and workplaces, they cope with men. However, various reports and information confirm that the percentage of women is going down in industry for various reasons.Traditional conception is that house wives go outside the houses for giving support to in-law’s family members. Poverty forces them to apply for jobs in different sectors. After schooling, they are tempted to choose various vocational courses to have good placement offers in offices. The objective of completing higher education is to expect handsome jobs in return. However, shocking news is that around 27 percent Indian Female Employees are working incorporate industry whereas male participants show much interest to post their personal profiles to convince bosses. In Pakistan, Saudi Arab and Ghana, women are not busy of facing interviews to have appointment letters to start working. Experts point that gender bias can be a reason to discourage women to find better jobs. At workplaces, seniors ignore female workers. Even the payroll scale is not equal to men.This injustice has not been wiped out. Secondly, with the development of the financial status of families, husband no longer wants his sweetheart to step over the threshold of the house for bringing dollars to home. So, the scope of personal liberty is précised with the fulfillment of requirements. Women are not also much eager to leave houses.

Female Employment in India

Female Employment in India

Women Feel Want of Safety at Workplaces- Gender Inequality Also Minus Point

Many think tanks believe that female participant are withdrawing themselves from industry due to the absence of honor and good ambiance. Sexual harassment, exploitation, Molestation and forced bonded labor including inequality in payment must not boost up Female Employment in India to proceed with enthusiasm.Companies must take care of all employees without racial profiling, and gender distinction.

In this regard, researchers conducted by McKinsey Global Institute have claimed that in case women assisted men in implementing different developmental projects and assignments, GDP growth might have crossed50 % to enable India bag or $2.9 trillion.Therefore, the government must not neglect the contribution of women in reconstructing the country. Because of Gender Inequality in India Women should not be compelled to do any menial drudgery. However, they need good vents to breathe comfortably without being debarred. They must feel it more urgent to become self-reliant as well. However, parents and senior family members must motivate their girls to live decently without relying on men.

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