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Best SIP Plans In India In 2023

Best SIP Plans In India In 2023

If you intend to invest in market-linked assets, there are two primary ways to go about it. One is to make a single lump sum payment, and the other is via the SIP payment method. For investing in SIP, it is only right to seek out the best SIP plans in India.

SIP is the abbreviation for Systematic Investment Plan. It is the finest mode of investment when an investor seeks to build a huge corpus via disciplined investment in market-linked funds.

In India, the best SIP Plans are offered by fund houses through mutual funds and by insurance companies through ULIP Plans. Other financial institutions also make provisions available for SIPs.

Best SIP Plans in India in 2023

It has to be noted that even during the times when market scenarios used to be volatile; SIP investments being offered by fund management institutions have yielded high returns for the investors, across the long term.

In ULIPs, a wide range of SIP options are currently being made available. Let us take a look at the list of best SIP plans to invest in India.

Here we have come up with a list of the finest SIP plans for 5 years of annualized returns. If you invest in these SIPs over the long term, you’ll be making significant returns towards the end of the tenure.

1.      Tata AIA Life – InvestAssure Superstar- Super Select Equity Fund 

This is a Flexicap ULIP fund and here, it is under equity and equity-related instruments that most of the investment is made.

SuperSelect by Tata AIA is one of the best SIP investment plans available in markets today. Herein, the portfolio is diversified amongst a range of small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap stocks. Following 10 years of investment, the fund offers an average return of 15.53%.

Besides portfolio diversification, fund managers managing this fund aim to generate decent returns for the investors.

2.      Aditya Birla Sun Life – Individual Pure Equity Fund

This SIP is a joint venture of Aditya Birla Group and Sun Life Financial Incorporation. It retains its position as one of the best SIP plans in India.

In this fund, the total assets held to date are Rs. 13.62 billion and 10-year returns are as high as 15.23%. The fund managers aim at exponentially growing investors’ wealth.

3.      Bajaj Allianz Pure Stock Fund

Pure Stock Fund is an open-ended Flexicap Fund being offered by Bajaj Allianz. It features a diverse investment portfolio wherein a range of small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap funds are involved.

The Net Asset Value of Pure Stock Fund stands at Rs. 97.97 per share while the total assets value stands at Rs. 44.03 billion. 

The factor that makes Pure Stock Fund among the best SIP plans through the current times is that most of its investments are in equity stock funds. 10-year return of 14.93% is annually generated.

The fund scheme was incorporated on 21st July 2006. It is considered one of the high-risk fund schemes.

4.      Tata AIA Life- Whole Life Aggressive Growth Fund

Following its incorporation on 8th January 2007, Aggressive Growth Fund by TATA AIA Life now has a total asset value of Rs. 6.07 billion. If we consider the aggressive fund allocation category, this one is one of the finest SIP investment plans. Herein, money is allocated significantly in different assets such as precious-metal ETFs and equity.

The SIP plan puts larger funds of 61% in bond holdings. 10-year returns of 13.67% are being offered. The risk parameter posed by the fund scheme is, however, relatively higher.

5.      Future Generali India Life- Future Apex Fund

Future Apex Fund by Future Generali Life is an open-ended fund. The investments, here, are made in India’s large-cap insurance stocks.

The fund features large blending investment style management. The investment of 89% portion of the fund is made in equity holdings.

The Net Asset Value of the fund per share is Rs. 37.93 and it offers a 10-year return of 12.78%. A noteworthy point regarding the fund is that among the ones managing it, 18% of directors and 7% of executives are women.

Choosing among ULIP and Mutual Funds

Among investors, confusion is bound to prevail in matters such as whether they should be investing in MF-based systematic investments or ULIP. The benefits on offer made available by both these investment options are different.

Deciding among the SIP for investing, Mutual Funds or ULIP has a lot to do with an investor’s financial goals. Overall, irrespective of the chosen medium of investment, investment in SIP allows the investor to manage his finances better. It puts forth a financial cushion that lets them achieve their objectives in life. Managing the investments becomes easier and hassle-free.

Let us take a look at some points of consideration that help us define if we should be investing in Mutual Funds or ULIP.

1.      ULIP

ULIP is the ideally chosen channel for medium to long-term investment. Even as one grows wealth via this channel, one also secures one’s family’s future.

ULIP is the ideally suited channel of investment for an investor whose risk appetite is low. The investor gets to save on taxes and is not required to endure much stress during times of market volatility.

2.      Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are ideally suited for a short-term or medium-term investment horizon. The key purpose of Mutual Funds is only to grow wealth.

In case an investor has a high or medium risk appetite, Mutual Funds are an ideally suited investment channel for him. Similarly, when an investor seeks high liquidity in his investments, Mutual Funds work well for him.

Why do SIPs make an ideal investment format for 2023?

One of the key reasons why people like to invest in SIPs is that this nature of investment inculcates the habit of making regular savings of small amounts.

1.      Small amount investments work just fine for SIPs

Small and regular deposits can be made in SIPs. There are even cases wherein the amount being invested monthly is as low as Rs. 100 or Rs. 500.

The amount being invested not being a barrier makes SIPs approachable to the masses.

2.      Rupee cost averaging

The volatility of the equity market is no secret. When we consider the case of investing in SIPs, the investor gets to purchase more when the prices are low and less when the market is booming.

3.      An investor could invest in multiple SIPs

Instead of putting all your bets on 1 or 2 SIP shares, an investor has the scope to invest in more shares. Being meticulous, in this regard, withholds the possibility of elaborate benefits.

4.      Flexibility

An investor can start or stop an SIP based on his preferences and the degree of flexibility stays high even if the invested amount is low.


In this article, we have brought to you the best SIP plans in India for 2023. SIP is the ideal mode of investment to create a large corpus of money over an extended time phase. This is a vastly beneficial investment mode and everyone is eligible to invest in SIPs.

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