Blooming Tales-Top 5 Flower Markets Around The World

Top 5 Flower Markets around the world

With variegated colors and angelic aromas, flower markets have their own charm providing travelers a great opportunity to soak in the beauty and capture some beautiful shots. So Here You Can See Following are the Top 5 Flower Markets around the world. and Best flower market in Paris, international flower market Amsterdam, Phool Mandi, flower market in the world, Bangkok Flower Market

Top 5 best Flower Markets around the world

Top 5 Flower Markets around the world

That one should definitely visit. These markets will let you interact with gorgeous natural colors, lavish floral fragrance and an authentic ambiance among a great variety of flowers. Read on and fall in love:

Marché Aux Fleurs – Paris, France:-

Showcasing a jaw-dropping variety of flowers, trees, and plants, Le Marche aux Fleurs in Paris will impress you in every way. This is the Exquisite market is a hot favorite for floral artists as it Endows them with different flowers for different seasons and also for floristry accessories.

best flower market in Paris

Top 5 Flower Markets around the world

The Marche Aux Fleurs is Established for more than 200 years now, This is the Best flower market in Paris. It has not only part of the Parisian history. But is still an inspiration for florists. This place attracts a number of tourists each year.

Bloemenmarket- Amsterdam, The Netherlands:-

World’s only floating flower market, Bloemenmarket in located in Amsterdam on Singel canal.

 Flower Market in International flower market Amsterdam

Top 5 Flower Markets around the world

This market showcases a great variety of flowers with the 15 florists and garden shops along with a collection of some amazing souvenir gifts as well.

Phool Mandi- New Delhi, India:-

As considered as the most spectacular flower market in Asia, Phool Mandi in the capital city of India. Exhibits a huge variety of flowers like chrysanthemums, lilies, orange marigold flowers and much more.

phool mandi at delhi

Top 5 Flower Markets around the world

Flower vendors also start their day with the sunrise and wrap up the selling by 9 am. Book cheap flights to Delhi and witness the beauty of this place yourself. If you are here to visit, choose from the best luxury hotels in Delhi and enjoy your stay in the capital city.

Pak Khlong Talat- Bangkok, Thailand:-

Pak Khlong Talat is Located south of the popular Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha). The Bangkok Flower Market or Pak Khlong Talat is a major part of Bangkok’s Tourism. It is the Biggest Retail and Wholesale Fresh Flower Market that has a Various variety of Popular flowers like lilies, Roses, Orchids and more.

Bangkok Flower Market

Top 5 Flower Markets around the world

The variety of Flower’s are available at reasonable rates, these flowers are mostly Sold in Bunches of 50 or 100.

Flemington Flower Market- Sydney, Australia:-

Flemington Flower Market is also One of the most favorite spots for floral designers from and around Sydney. The Flemington Flower Market is a spectacular place and is a must-visit for all tourists.

opening hours of flowers market

Top 5 Flower Markets around the world

The Floral Designers also available Few hours. From Morning to Evening purchasing and selling the various floral Products.

The Flemington markets opening hours Morning  5 Am to 11 Am. And Closed on Sundays. You Must Visit.

So, With the list of the Top 5 Flower Markets around the world. And We hope that the flower lovers. Inside you have wakened up and you will plan a trip super soon.

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