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Pushkar Mela-Why You Should Visit Most Vibrant Fair In Rajasthan

trip to Rajasthan
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India is a place which is termed as heaven for travelers. If you consider yourself a wanderer and haven’t explored India yet, you need to pack your bags for a trip to Rajasthan. There are several states in this country which have some unique characteristics. As this nation contains 29 states and 7 union territories. You could expect a plethora of diversities while traveling to India. One such state which is highly respected and remembered by the tourists is Rajasthan, owing to its unique sense of features and hospitality. If you are ins search of Pushkar Mela 2018 dates then it’s coming in 15, November month of this year and it will end on 23rd November.

trip to Rajasthan 

Pushkar Mela 2018-Why You Should Visit Most Vibrant Fair In Rajasthan

Pushkar Mela Trip

If you are planning to be on a trip to Rajasthan, you must visit Pushkar fair as it is one of the main attractions of tourists. If you are confused as to how you could reach this city located in the heart of the state. You could avail the services of Car Rental Delhi anytime, as they provide the best tourist friendly and value for money service in the whole country.

Pushkar Fair at a Glance

Considered as the largest cattle fair in the whole world. This ‘Mela’ has never failed to fascinate the visitors who come from far off places. It takes place between the month of October to November and lasts for up to seven days. The season is perfect for exploration of Pushkar and best if you take a trip to Rajasthan with other nearby areas such as Ajmer. If you are planning to go at Pushkar Mela then you should know about Pushkar camel fair 2018 dates, which would be the best attraction of this fair.

trip to Rajasthan

Pushkar Mela 2018-Why You Should Visit Most Vibrant Fair In Rajasthan

The weather is pleasant and apt for exploration of a state such as Rajasthan which is famous for the hottest state of whole India. Every year numerous tourists arrive at this place to get a real view and feel of the state. The fair has got religious significance associated with it too. To sum it up, you could expect a lot of different aspects which are going to be attractive on your visit to this place. You can do Pushkar fair booking from various online traveling websites and make sure your seats for this fair. We already described Pushkar Mela 2018 dates, so that you can make your reservations.

trip to Rajasthan

Pushkar Mela 2018-Why You Should Visit Most Vibrant Fair In Rajasthan

Highlights of the Fair and Trip to Rajasthan

The main motive of the fair was to sell livestock such as camels in a span of few days. For booking of these items you first need to check Pushkar Mela 2018 dates and reserve your seats. As people had to live there for the seven days, it was essential to bring some sort of entertainment to them. Gradually people began showing skills through dances, folk songs, magic. And other things which attracted other people too who aren’t actually dealing with livestock. It provided a platform for people for earning a livelihood. And at the same time, tourists got to experience traditions and art which they began liking.

Nowadays a host of different activities they organize at the fair as you can see on a trip to Rajasthan such as Hot Air ballooning, Handicraft, Folk dance, and songs, among other things. In the span of these 7 to 8 days, as a tourist. You could enjoy your stay here and get to know the culture of Rajasthan and India as a whole. You can mark your holidays once you check Pushkar fair official website about its activities and end dates.

trip to Rajasthan

Pushkar Mela 2018-Why You Should Visit Most Vibrant Fair In Rajasthan

So what’s stopping you from exploring Pushkar Fair? Plan a trip as there is numerous trip to Rajasthan to choose from. You could visit this place as well as several other cities in the comfort of luxurious vehicles with the help of Car Rental Delhi. So plan your trip now. Now after knowing Pushkar Mela 2018 dates, you must visit it to know the culture of Rajasthan.

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